Help Every Youth Succeed is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization formed to enhance educational institutions. We re-educate and re-energize the public on the vital importance of academic excellence. Programs created by H.E.Y. Succeed have been designed to educate youth using a core set of initiative values that will ensure academic Excellence. These same core set of initiative values will be shared with youth in communities directly through our Power Up Presentation program. Our carefully selected presenters will diligently express to youth the vital need of Mastery in science and math and its ability to provide Career Success.

Our Ladder Up program and Community Leadership program are our program cornerstones. In our Metatron Research and Development program we create an innovative structure which refocuses our communities toward re investment toward academic achievement. We are dedicated toward the creation and implementation of creative and innovative teaching methods. These new methods will be taught through our programs.