A better self, family, community and Society. These things are all birth through greater educational opportunity. A public educational system that is underfunded and marginally outdated in its methods will not provide to those it serves an ability to produce the creative and innovative minds that this nation needs. These educational institutions need effective and proactive support to better societies future potential. The cloud of hopeless despair which hangs over a young student’s potential can be lifted. More importantly it can be eradicated. The perception of public education by many young students is one of passive anticipation. Those from an impoverished background understand educations ability to lift them out of poverty yet the majority dislike school. They are unenthused about the curriculum expressing that the information taught to them doesn’t actually prepare them for the real world. Their future employment and Career Success is dependent on their personal education. The US ranks 38th out of 71 in math and 24th of 71 in science in the world. The high school dropout rate of 23% in L.A.U.S.D. It is the 2nd largest school district in the nation with 734,641. L.A.U.S.D and its 80 neighboring school districts in total make up 1,511,354 students.

How can disinterested student’s enthusiasm toward academic excellence be awakened? How can this country rise to top of the world’s evaluation of student Proficiency in the sciences and math? How can the greatest potential of young students be actualized? It is done through the reframed perception of education. It is through new and improved educational techniques. Urgent excitement must be shared from teacher to students. The Help Every Youth Succeed organization has been formed to provide the answers to these questions. As a community of humanity we can no longer afford to be enablers of academic underachievement. The education of the youth must take priority in the lives of every person in every community. The founders of H. E. Y. Succeed organization own personal experiences have birthed the understanding of a greater need for new and improved educational techniques.